Definition: What is sound symbolism?

Sound symbolism: the theory that speech sounds have intrinsic meaning


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"The idea that vocal sounds or phonemes carry meaning in and of themselves." – Wikipedia

"The term for a hypothesized systematic relationship between sound and
meaning." – Ohala, J. "Sound Symbolism."

"A field of linguistics, not without its skeptics [that] posits that certain sounds have certain meanings, and that these sounds trigger imagery that is consistent and meaningful." - Pile, M. "How to Create the Perfect Brand Name With the 'Sound Symbolism' Technique." Inc.

"The theory that there’s an intrinsic meaning we unknowingly attach to certain speech sounds." – Sneed, A. "Why The Sound Of A Brand Name Matters." Fast Company, Co.Design.


Also known as

  • Phonesthesia
  • Phonosemantics

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