How to build more authentic brands with a Lifestyle Lens

  Image by  Noise 13

Image by Noise 13

Not long ago, the concept of “lifestyle brands” was relegated to a handful of verticals: hospitality, fashion, food and beverage. As other industries mature, however—and shoppers become savvier—lifestyle brands are showing up everywhere, redefining how brands compete in almost every industry.

I recently wrote a blog post about a tool we use at Noise 13 called the “Lifestyle Lens.” It helps us distill the secret formula required to create an emotional connection and let people see themselves, and define themselves, within a brand. This is what it takes to build a lifestyle brand—brands like Warby Parker, Clif Bar, and Beats, which we choose not only because we like their products, but because of what they say about us.

The Lifestyle Lens gives us a unique approach to building brands. First, we examine the target audience and ask ourselves (via research, dialogue, and intuition):

•    What do they need?
•    How do they want to feel?
•    How do they want to be seen by others?

Armed with answers to these questions, we can create a brand with a core idea and personality that connects on a more emotional level and has what it takes to become a lifestyle brand. To learn more about the Lifestyle Lens, and see how we used to build a new brand for Mobiliti, a car-subscription service, follow the link below.

Read the full article, originally published on the Noise 13 blog.

Miriam Stone is Strategy Director at Noise 13, a San Francisco-based brand strategy and design agency focused on collaboration and attention to detail.