Interview with Trevor Hubbard of Butchershop

On my podcast about the unexpected paths of creative careers, I talk to guests about the roads they've traveled on their journey to success. Last week, I talked to Trevor Hubbard, CEO and Executive Creative Director of Butchershop, a full-service, integrated creative agency in San Francisco.

The interview focuses on Trevor's career path, which included film school, getting fired from his first design job, and leaving design school only to return and teach there. We also discuss what it's like to start your own branding and creative agency. Fans of How Brands Are Built will be interested to hear how Trevor's love of action sports led to the creation of this award-winning agency. Listen to Trevor's story below—and, if you're interested in hearing from other creative professionals like Trevor, check out Making Ways.

Rob Goodman is founder and principal of OpenVerse, a marketing, strategy, and storytelling firm in San Francisco, and host of the Making Ways podcast.